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Cynthia Chau-Hoang

Certified Life, Leadership & Business Sales Coach

Hello! I am so glad you are here. A little about me, I have over two decades of experience working with people and supporting in creating the most ideal results when it comes to complex situations, high performance, and conflict resolution.


When working with individuals and teams, I am intentional in understanding and meeting people where they are at while moving through obstacles to obtain the main goals and objectives using a framework tailored to specific needs.

Values I hold close? Integrity, Authenticity and People First.

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Areas of Expertise

Leadership Coaching, Life & Business Sales Coaching [ 1-1 and Group Coaching ] , Workshops and Lunch n' Learns.

By creating a safe environment:

  • Individuals learn to embrace pain, tap into the learnings from pain, to let go and move forward.

  • Teams and businesses have been able to grow and expand and reach potentials never imagined before under my guidance and support. 


What People Are Saying

Cynthia is an excellent coach. What I love most about Cynthia is she coaches from absolute integrity when she is guiding, mentoring, and coaching others.  She has years of experience implementing many tools and techniques on achieving success, while coaching others to do the same.


I have been blessed to partner with Cynthia in business, and friendship and have definitely been empowered through her guidance and support to achieve my goals.

-Kelley Beveridge, Global Entrepreneur

Thank you Cynthia for giving us some good business advice and encouragement. She's so down to earth, non-judgmental and kind.

If you're in need of some emotional TLC, life advice or business advice, I highly recommend reaching out!

Jaime N. , Garden Gnomes YYC

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My name is Denise Fernandes and my husband and I are the co-owners of MyWalkies Ltd. We are a private off-leash dog park just south of the Calgary city limits. We use to run our business on ourproperty but then expanded when we moved to a larger area of land just over a year ago. Soon after opening up in the larger area, I wanted to seek assistance to help grow our business and reduce the risk of going under. We sought out help and found Cynthia.


We’ve had a very positive experience with Cynthia. She has helped us stay on track and helped us secure a larger clientele by increasing communication between us and the pet parents, offering suggestions like automated emails “How was your walk today?”, creating a weekly Newsletter to be sent out, etc. With her suggestions, our level of communication between us and the client has dramatically improved.


We hope to continue on with this relationship.


Denise Fernandes, MyWalkies Ltd.


Contact Me

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule in a complimentary 30 minute discovery call by filling in the form below or use this link here.

Calgary, AB


Tel: 403-617-8172

Thanks for submitting! I look forward to connecting with you.

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